Community Submitted Resources

1. Position-Time Graph

Bike Guy - move the bicycle and see the graph.

2. Describing Motion

With Position-Time Graphs - good summary and check out Wolfram Alpha applet at the bottom. Need to check that out a bit more.

3. Matching Motion

Graph Matching - your kids may have done the lab in grade 10 and this applet takes the concept farther. Match your red dot to the motion of the blue dot by making the correct adjustments

4. Position-Time, Velocity-Time, and Acceleration-Time Graphs
The Moving Man a simulation by the University of Colorado
Learn about position, velocity, and acceleration graphs. Move the little man back and forth with the [[#|mouse]] and plot his motion.

5. Position vs Time Graphs PowerPoint
- Notes and Examples Graphs on different types of Position vs Time graphs (including how to calculate average speed and instantaneous speed.