Community Submitted Resources

1. Good Review from PhysicsClassroom

Introduction to Freefall
Freefall and the Acceleration of Gravity
Freefall Graphs
The Big Misconception

2. Graphing Free Fall

Free Fall Model - this is a nice little javascript that takes one dimensional free fall motion and graphs it real time You can also modify gravitational field strength, height and initial velocity. Clean and simple. Well done.

3. Fire the Cannon

Ballistics - probably better for grade 12, but every phone,iPod and iPad seems to have some game like this Might as well make it a learning experience!

4. Every Weird Question about Freefall Answered

The Answers - you know those weird questions kids ask about free fall. Here are the answers to can you catch up and put a parachute on during freefall or best way to hit the ground ... and more

5. From Wired Magazine

The Physics of Minecraft - using video games for more than being a couch potato ... nicely done. Thanks to Tony Corvinelli at the Dufferin-Peel Board for this find.

6. More Video Games and Physics

The Physics of Angry Birds - because who really doesn't play this one.