Community Submitted Resources

1. Galileo

Five great links to all you wanted to know about Galileo and can be presented online rather than in the worktext

BBC: Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642) - the usual quality you expect from the BBC
Galilieo site at NOVA - the same quality for NOVA
Galileo's Experiments - try out animations of his most famous experiments.
Galileo's Thought Experiment - PBS video
The Galileo Project - All Galileo, 24 * 7

2. Inertia Demonstrations

The Tablecloth Trick - from our friend Steve Spangler
Old-style Inertia Demonstrator - a bit before my time, but cool
Forces and Motion Demos - yet more inertia demos
First Law, Inertia - animations for the kids that missed your demo or Investigation 4-1

And of course, Lionel's favourite demo (thanks to Tony C from Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board for filming)

The Egg in the Cup

3. Inertia

Other explanations of inertia with some good animations

Newton's First Law of Motion - from the Physicsclassroom
Isaac Newton's First Law of Motion - same Law, different voice
Circular motion, but I like the idea of voting for what will happen - A Ball Tied to a String and Swinging Round and Round

4. So, who was Sir Issac Newton?

Newton - Scientist and Mathematician
Newton - Life and Discoveries
Newton - A Deeper Look into his Work

5. Newton's First Law Videos

Some good videos of Newton's First Law in Action. Thanks to Rutgers University Physics Department

Coin on Glider
Rolling on Rollerblades
Motion of a glider on an airtrack
A qualitative test - pendulum on rollerblades


Feel free to add your ideas and links - Sharing makes for good Physics karma!