Community Submitted Resources

1. Momentum and Impulse Review

Momentum-Impulse Connection - Another good review with quiz at end
Impulse-Momentum Change Theorem - Applications of impulse-momentum in the world
Impulse - good examples.

2.Law of Conservation of Momentum

Momentum Conservation Principle - thanks again to the Physicsclassroom
Isolated Systems - Check your understanding of the conservation of momentum
Using Equations for Problem-Solving - well explained examples using math
Using Equations as a Guide for Thinking - problems to help you visualize momentum

3. Momentum Simulations

Titles of simulations says it all!

Astronaut Catch
Diesel and Freight Car
Cart and Brick 1
Cart and Brick 2
Big Fish in Motion Catches Little Fish
Little Fish in Motion is Caught by Big Fish

4. Cool Physics and Sports Ideas

Exploratorium Sport Science - a great site for discussion physics in sports, including baseball, cycling and surfing.
How NASCAR Safety Works - racing cars, speed ... need we say more?
Physics of Snowboarding - for the boarders in your class!
Big Air on the Moon - now wouldn't this be cool
Science of Cycling - the physics behind cycling. Very comprehensive
Physics of Tennis - it's not as easy as it looks
Momentum and Impulse Connection - some good ideas to weave into your notes
How the Physics of Football Works - more than just being big and fast
Skateboard Science - why knowing a bit of physics can help sometimes

5. There's Got to be a Better Job than a Crash Test Dummy

Behind the Crash Test Dummy- sensors and a lot of technology!
Building a Better Dummy- current research on crash test dummies from the THOR project


Hope this gives you the impulse to share your ideas!